Where Is He?

Where is he, the one meant for me?
I thought I met him
   just the other day.
Maybe it was just a mirage, a dream.
He did not stay.
He said he would. I thought he could.
But when his past returned,
   he went back in time for a while.
It became as though we never met.
I tried to say goodbye with a smile.
He had hoped I wouldn’t mind.
But, unexpectedly,
   time had stopped for me.
With my heart left behind in his hands,
   my life became an aching memory.
If he does return,
   can it ever be the same?
Or will it be just a ride
   on a carousel,
just another game?
After all the years
   of wasted tears,
   couldn’t this one be different?
Yet, even though it’s raining,
   I know there’s a rainbow waiting.
Long ago, I heard God say:
“What I’ve given you,
   I will never take away.”
So I wait patiently, quietly,
   for the fullness of God’s love.
At last, I see, it is all I need–
   God’s love is a gift to share,
   to love others as he,
   to show I, too, do care,
   and to know this is how it’s meant to be.

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