My heart calls to me.
It yearns to reach out,
to comfort you with a touch;
but it’s also filled with doubt.

I want to say I love you;
but as I think of times gone by,
my tortured heart reminds me—
“Aren’t you just another guy?”

And, yet, no matter
how hard I try to hide,
something still bubbles up,
the feelings I have inside.

The breath of your passion
lights a fire of desire
deep in the fibers
of my quivering being.

We don’t have forever
to see all there is to see,
to share all there is to share,
nor to learn all there is to learn.

Still, we can be there for each other
and for all for whom we care.

Before us is an oasis
where we can live our dream,
learn how to live in the now,
and let love’s light beam.

All we can do, must do,
is to cherish every hour,
treasure each memory.
The only thing in our power
is to be true and to live in simplicity.


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