Images of Love

Your smiles are like the sun shining
and gently calling me to blossom
forth in splendor.

Your tears seep into the ground of my being,
nourishing strengthening, and molding me
into a vessel of love, sharing in your suffering.

Your caresses envelope me. How warm and
secure it is to feel your loving arms,
to know that your care and want to be near.

Your kisses begin a flood in my being;
and I flow into you as you flow into me
until we cannot conceive how anything else can be.

The moment arrives when I can no longer bear
the yearning I have inside for you.

And in that place that bears all life,
we are lost in one another.
In the wilderness of the surrender of ourselves–

Time ceases. Love has spoken.
A delicate bond is created.

And when it comes to rest, we are reminded
we are two who continue in awesome wonder
our single journey toward oneness to yet
another, deeper depth of being and belonging
in search of our Creator who makes us all one.


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