Accepting the Void

You give me hope. You make me desire to be with you, in peace. Take me, Lord. I come without my bags to weigh me down. I come again to you, alone. Strip me of my self-consciousness so I may be with you more fully.

I hear you love me; I hear you care for me. I am with you now. I give you my void. But you give it back to me. It remains the same. Must I accept my void?

I do. It is like a trophy; it is not to be filled. The cup is empty and vast. What is your void?

“That no one but I, am God. To live with that void is my glory.”

May I go where you go?

“No, you cannot go where I go.”

Thank you, then, for coming to me. Is my void not accepting some things the way they are?

“Yes, and you fill your void with judgment to make yourself secure.”

My security shall be in you!.

“No, do not seek security.”

What, then, shall I seek?

“Seek nothing. You have found me—come, enjoy.”

But I have been so afraid to enjoy. I understand now, it is because security is my center rather than you. Yes, in security I thought I would be free to seek you. Yet, my security has been my jail. You have come to set me free. It’s scary out here in the world. But you have given me hope, Lord, that it can be done, that I can live and enjoy your friendship I deny so.

My void has been the space between you and me! How foolish to fill it with junk that gets in the way of reaching you and touching you! My Lord, I am here. I accept my void. Keep me near….


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